Consultation & Strategy

Capitol Health Management will perform an analysis of your current benefits, plan designs and contribution structure.  A review of claims data will uncover trends and challenges to develop appropriate solutions. With a clear understanding of benefit needs, cost concerns and objectives, we can determine the direction and strategy that best fits your unique needs and goals.

  • Clarifying your benefit philosophy
  • Customizing benefits to employee demographics
  • Negotiating on your behalf with top-rated carriers
  • Maximizing benefit potential while retaining costs
  • Ensuring a competitive benefit position in comparison to your market competitors
Implementation & Communication

The design and development of a cost effective, quality benefits package is a key element to attracting and retaining valuable employees. Capitol Health Management will host on-site presentations with question and answer sessions so employees can better understand their benefits and appreciate the value of the investment made on their behalf.

  • Plan implementation
  • Employees have clear understanding of benefits
  • Better utilization of the benefits
  • Higher satisfaction in the workplace
  • Allows you to focus on other important tasks
Administration & Service

Acting as a single point of contact, we eliminate the need to communicate between multiple carriers. The ability to facilitate a quick resolution and prevent minor issues from escalating into major frustrations avoids traditional headaches, allowing you to focus on running your business; we take care of your employees’ benefit needs.

  • Effective renewal process
  • Employee assistance – claim issues, networks, benefits & pharmacy issues
  • Processing of employee enrollment & termination requests
  • Assistance with carrier & billing issues
  • One-on-one benefit & enrollment assistance to new hires
  • Ongoing communication – legislative updates, market trends, carrier changes